Poem by Terrence Huntington: Tale of the Bounty


Raging seas, moonlit ship’s wake, distant atolls, alluring sirens, starlit tropical sky, a mission to find and transplant breadfruit trees, and an intimidated crew; this and an officer unable to tolerate interminable abuse by a domineering captain – all part of the story of one of the most infamous mutinies in maritime history.

“Weigh anchor!” ordered Captain Bligh
And so the Bounty set her sail
We’re heading for the Southern Sea
And isles of Cook’s romantic tale . . .


The Mutiny on the Bounty │Documentary Full Movie

Based (Loosely) on a True Story, this is a classic novel so fondly remembered they filmed it twice (In fact, there’s even a remake of the book). The first version, with Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, was the 1935 Oscar-Winner for Best Picture. The second adaptation of the novel, with Marlon Brando, was 1962’s most notorious flop.